Trip to DC a raging success!

Delegates arrived back from Washington DC last night! The trip was a riveting experience for the delegates. From the world famous National Mall, to the awe inspiring Smithsonian museums, the delegates were treated to the full experience. Delegates pounded the pavement as they toured the nations capital, seeing iconic sites such as the White House and the Washington Monument.

The trip was highlighted by a Senate Luncheon. Senators and ambassadors stationed in DC were in attendance as the delegates were treated to a lecture by the one and only Dr. Francis Collins. Dr. Collins holds an extremely impressive resume, as the former director of the human genome project that was completed in 2003, and now the president of the National Institutes of Health. His academic achievements are decent: A PhD in Chemistry from Yale, and a Medical degree from UNC chapel hill. Collins inspired the delegates with a narrative of his career, and encouraged them to think broadly in their studies of the sciences.