From Camp into the Wild!

Today, the 2015 delegates learned more about “How Molecular Medicine and precision Genomics will Revolutionize Cancer Therapy” from Dr. Chuck Clevenger of Northwestern University. Genomics are rapidly progressing, leading to massive changes in the way doctors are able to deal with cancer. Later, cancer is brought up again in Dr. Rick Walker’s Lecture “Why We Won’t Find a Cure For Cancer And Why We Don’t Want To”.  Although the topic is controversial, apparently it may be better to control cancer rather than to destroy it with chemotherapy.

Learning the basics of navigation!
And melting crayons!

Seminars were once again held by various staph members, including, but not limited to: crayon melting, creative writing, fly fishing, and Portuguese 101.  The delegates also received their outdoor orientation, which included how to put together tents, use a portable stove and water filter, and, most importantly, to make a “phone call” (code for using the bathroom in the woods). Just after dinner, they selected their overnight trips, which included: hiking, biking, climbing, or caving.

Due to overnight trips, look out for the next update on June 23rd!