First Overnight Camping Trips!

Delegates came back from the Wilderness straight into Camp Pocahontas! They are returning from biking, climbing, and hiking trips scattered throughout the Monongahela National forest. The Monongahela National Forest is awesome–check out the photos below! The delegates turned campers spent the night in tents while exploring some of the most beautiful woods in North America. Although camping of this sort does not relate “directly” to science, the sights and sounds of the forest will hopefully inspire a natural curiosity into every delegate at the National Youth Science Camp.  It also gives the delegates the chance to face obstacles and work together as a group to overcome both expected and unexpected challenges.

Kasey Leavell from Montana enjoys the view



Quinn Zacharias from Florida is ready to roll!

After a long awaited shower and a hot meatloaf dinner, the delegates went straight to lecture. Sounds a bit harsh, but this is science camp after all. This evenings topic is Quantum Computing, delivered by Dr. Scott Aaronson from MIT. He addressed how computational complexity has been interacting with physics in unexpected ways.