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Delegates Conquer the Second Overnighter!

Delegates charged through uncooperative West Virginia weather during their second overnight camping trip. Students went kayaking, climbing, and hiking all over the woods in West Virginia. Hiking groups overcame high creek levels to succeed on the trails. Climbers gripped wet rocks to conquer challenging routes. Even the less than ideal weather couldn’t diminish the enthusiasm of this group of incoming college freshmen.  IMG_2465


Associate Professor at SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Dr. Nate Cady, presented this evenings lecture: ““Fighting Slime: Lessons from Nature on Combating and Embracing Bacterial Biofilms”. He disscussed his research in methods that combat biofilm. Oftentimes his methods are inspired from natural systems.IMG_2520

First Overnight Camping Trips!

Delegates came back from the Wilderness straight into Camp Pocahontas! They are returning from biking, climbing, and hiking trips scattered throughout the Monongahela National forest. The Monongahela National Forest is awesome–check out the photos below! The delegates turned campers spent the night in tents while exploring some of the most beautiful woods in North America. Although camping of this sort does not relate “directly” to science, the sights and sounds of the forest will hopefully inspire a natural curiosity into every delegate at the National Youth Science Camp.  It also gives the delegates the chance to face obstacles and work together as a group to overcome both expected and unexpected challenges.

Kasey Leavell from Montana enjoys the view



Quinn Zacharias from Florida is ready to roll!

After a long awaited shower and a hot meatloaf dinner, the delegates went straight to lecture. Sounds a bit harsh, but this is science camp after all. This evenings topic is Quantum Computing, delivered by Dr. Scott Aaronson from MIT. He addressed how computational complexity has been interacting with physics in unexpected ways.


From Camp into the Wild!

Today, the 2015 delegates learned more about “How Molecular Medicine and precision Genomics will Revolutionize Cancer Therapy” from Dr. Chuck Clevenger of Northwestern University. Genomics are rapidly progressing, leading to massive changes in the way doctors are able to deal with cancer. Later, cancer is brought up again in Dr. Rick Walker’s Lecture “Why We Won’t Find a Cure For Cancer And Why We Don’t Want To”.  Although the topic is controversial, apparently it may be better to control cancer rather than to destroy it with chemotherapy.

Learning the basics of navigation!
And melting crayons!

Seminars were once again held by various staph members, including, but not limited to: crayon melting, creative writing, fly fishing, and Portuguese 101.  The delegates also received their outdoor orientation, which included how to put together tents, use a portable stove and water filter, and, most importantly, to make a “phone call” (code for using the bathroom in the woods). Just after dinner, they selected their overnight trips, which included: hiking, biking, climbing, or caving.

Due to overnight trips, look out for the next update on June 23rd!

Lectures on Ebola, Statistics, and Technology!

Today the delegates enjoyed lectures by Dr. Jim Tucker, a Senior Biospheric Scientist for NASA, Dr Aaron Morris of Autodesk, and Dr. Alyson Wilson of North Carolina State. Dr. Tucker’s lecture, entitled “Ebola Virus Outbreak: Where, When, and Why?” informed delegates of the intricate complexities of the Ebola virus. Dr. Aaron  Morris dove into the practical uses of his state of the art 3-d modeling technology. Dr. Alyson Wilson’s lecture, “Statistics and Big Science”covered her experience with air defense artillery systems.


The staph members hosted seminars today, covering a range of topics, including: Italian, Ultimate Frisbee, Dance Dance Revolution, and Business 101. Many delegates have also joined the National Youth Science Camp Choir, which had its first rehearsal today.

Ian Lawson from New Jersey playing frisbee.



Delegates Arrive to Camp Pocahontas!

Meals in the University of Charleston Ballroom
Meals in the University of Charleston Ballroom

The 2015 delegation woke up this morning at the University of Charleston and began their day on campus, with breakfast, a lecture, and lunch.  The Martha Wehrle Opening Lecture at the University of Charleston Ballroom by Charles Patton, the President and COO of Appalachian Power, was a great start to the 2015 National Youth Science Camp (NYSC).

Delegates as they arrive to Camp Pocahontas
Delegates as they arrive to Camp Pocahontas

After lunch, delegates and staph boarded sleek and shiny coach buses to head towards Camp Pocahontas.  The evening activities included dinner, a camp tour, official staph introductions, evening snack (the Pluto of meals), and finally cabin meetings.


NYSC Fly-In!

CHARLESTON, WV–The 2015 session of the National Youth Science Camp starts today as delegates arrive at Charleston’s Yeager Airport and begin their nearly month-long experience with science enrichment. As delegates arrive, they will be transported to Coonskin Park to kick off their participation in the program.

A view of Yeager Airport landing strip with the surrounding mountains and cloudy sky.

Afterwards, they will travel to the nearby University of Charleston to spend the night in the dorms. They will hopefully start to adjust to the 11:00 P.M. to 7:00 A.M. sleep schedule that is structured at the camp. The next day, Charles Patton, the president of Appalachian Power, will deliver the Martha Wehrle Opening Lecture at the University of Charleston Ballroom (3rd Floor–Geary Student Union). The lecture will give a broad introduction to the energy industry and policies that it regulates and impacts. The event is free and open to anybody interested in coming.

University of Charleston
University of Charleston

Congratulations Katie Edwards!

Katie Edwards
Katie Edwards, Massachusetts

Katie Edwards will represent Massachusetts this summer coming to us from Sterling. Katie currently attends Bancroft School but will be attending Bucknell University of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania in the fall. Katie is active in tennis at her school and enjoys traveling, reading, movies, writing and GIMP. This summer, Katie hopes to be able to learn juggling!

Welcome to the 2015 National Youth Science Camp, Katie Edwards!