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Congratulations Katie Edwards!

Katie Edwards
Katie Edwards, Massachusetts

Katie Edwards will represent Massachusetts this summer coming to us from Sterling. Katie currently attends Bancroft School but will be attending Bucknell University of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania in the fall. Katie is active in tennis at her school and enjoys traveling, reading, movies, writing and GIMP. This summer, Katie hopes to be able to learn juggling!

Welcome to the 2015 National Youth Science Camp, Katie Edwards!

Congratulations Ashi Agrawal!

Ashi Agrawal
Ashi Agrawal, Maryland

Ashi Agrawal comes to us from Ellicott City as a representative of Maryland. Currently attending Centennial High School, Ashi plans to major in Computer Science and Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University. At her school, Ashi is active in drama and golf and she is also involved in scouts. Ashi enjoys cards, water activities (such as kayaking and white water rafting) and hiking and biking. While at camp this summer, Ashi would like to teach meditation and learn salsa dancing!

Welcome to the 2015 National Youth Science Camp, Ashi Agrawal!

Congratulations Stephanie Hou!

Stephanie Hou
Stephanie Hou, Oklahoma

Stephanie Hou also represents Oklahoma this summer and comes to us from Edmond. Stephanie is a student of Edmond Santa Fe High School and plans to study Computer Science at the University of Rochester in the fall. Stephanie plays the violin in her school orchestra and is also heavily involved in church activities. Additionally, Stephanie enjoys biking, reading and traveling.

Welcome to the 2015 National Youth Science Camp, Stephanie Hou!

Congratulations Evan Shrestha!

Evan Shrestha
Evan Shrestha, Oklahoma

Evan Shrestha joins us this summer from Tulsa as a representative of Oklahoma! Currently as student of Holland High School, Evan plans to study Biochemistry at the University of Oklahoma to pursue medicine. Evan is active in both his school orchestra and tennis team, but also enjoys cards, chess, music, movies and video games. Evan plays the piano, violin and guitar so hopefully, we can convince him to join in an ensemble!

Welcome to the 2015 National Youth Science Camp, Evan Shrestha!

Congratulations Natalie Duncan!

Natalie Duncan
Natalie Duncan, New Hampshire

Natalie Duncan represents New Hampshire this summer and will be joining us from Concord where she attends the Derryfield School. Natalie plans to study Environmental Science at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. Natalie is active in tennis, field hockey and the Spanish and environmental clubs. Natalie also enjoys hiking, cards, sports frisbee and painting! While at camp this summer, Natalie hopes to learn the art of Hacky Sack!

Welcome to the 2015 National Youth Science Camp, Natalie Duncan!

Congratulations Nico Sepúlveda Estrada!

Nico SepúlvedaEstrada
Nico SepúlvedaEstrada, Chile

Nicolás “Nico” Sepúlveda Estrada will be representing Chile this summer coming to us from Concepción where he attends Thomas Jefferson School. Nico hopes to pursue a career in Air and Space Engineering. An active student, Nico is involved in orchestra, baseball, swimming, drama and speech and debate (just to name a few). Nico is also interested in running, chess, drawing and many outdoor activities. Nico would like to teach building puzzles this summer if anyone is interested!

Welcome to the 2015 National Youth Science Camp, Nico Sepúlveda Estrada!

Congratulations Leah Wuebbens!

Leah Wuebbens
Leah Wuebbens, North Carolina

Leah Wuebbens, a representative of North Carolina will be traveling to the NYSC from Durham where she attends Riverside High School. Leah plans to study Applied Mathematics at Tufts University this fall. In addition to her many honors, Leah is active in field hockey, soccer, scouts and FIRST robotics. Leah also enjoys crocheting, knitting, gardening and traveling.

Welcome to the 2015 National Youth Science Camp, Leah Wuebbens!

Congratulations Santiago Cuevas!

Santiago Cuevas
Santiago Cuevas, Argentina

Santiago Cuevas will also be representing Argentina this summer and joins us from Santa Rosa where he attends Santo Tomás. Santiago will be studying at the Colegio Santo Tómas in his efforts to pursue a career as a Physics Engineer. Active in swimming and soccer, Santiago also enjoys cards manipulation! Additionally, Santiago has interests in biking, reading, running, traveling and table games. While at camp, Santiago would be willing to teach card magic and hopes to learn speed Rubik’s cube!

Welcome to the 2015 National Youth Science Camp, Santiago Cuevas!

Congratulations Sofía Camussi Leguizamon!

Sofía Camussi
Sofía Camussi, Argentina

Sofía Camussi Leguizamon represents Argentina and comes to us from Rosario where she attends E. E. P. T- N° 467 “Ovidio Lagos”, Técnica 5. Sofía hopes to have a career as a scientist and educator. While active in soccer at her school, Sofía also is involved with a musical project entitled BandIt’s. Sofía also enjoys gardening, chess, biking and traveling. Sofía also plays the guitar, ukulele and some piano!

Welcome to the 2015 National Youth Science Camp, Sofía Camussi Leguizamon!

Congratulations Allison Rabe!

Allison Rabe
Allison Rabe, North Dakota

Allison Rabe will be representing North Dakota this summer coming to us from Minot where she attends Magic City Campus. Allison plans to study Bioengineering at Harvard University to pursue a career as a Scientific Researcher. Active in speech and debate, volleyball, track and field and Envirothon, Allison also enjoys camping, hiking and biking.

Welcome to the 2015 National Youth Science Camp, ALlison Rabe!