Congratulations Emily Gentles!

Emily Gentles
Emily Gentles, Arkansas

Emily Gentles of Pearcy will be representing Arkansas at the NYSC this summer. A student of Lake Hamilton High School, Emily will be majoring in mathematics and economics at the University of Arkansas next fall. Emily is active in band, student government and track and field but also enjoys cards, gardening, playing board games and Pick-up Volleyball. Emily also has musical talent where she plays the flute and piccolo. During camp, Emily would like to learn to crochet.

Welcome to the 2015 National Youth Science Camp, Emily Gentles!

Congratulations Camilla Hallman!

Camilla Hallman
Camilla Hallman, District of Columbia

Camilla Hallman will be a representative of Washington, DC this summer. A current student of A School Without Walls Senior High, Camilla plans to major in International Relations and Biology at the University of Edenburgh in Scotland. Active in student government and rowing, Camilla also has interests in biking, knitting, drawing and painting. Camilla loves to sing and plays the piano so I am sure we will hear something from her this summer!

Welcome to the 2015 National Youth Science Camp, Camilla Hallman!

Congratulations Gabriela Constante Brown!

Gabriela Constante Brown
Gabriela Constante Brown, Ecuador

Gabriela “Gaby” Constante Brown represents Ecuador coming to us from Guayaquil. Gaby currently attends Unidad Educativa Bilingue Jefferson GYE and plans to pursue studies in education and psychopedagogy. Gaby is active in drama, speech and debate, volleyball and artistic roller skating! Among Gaby’s interest are biking, photography, writing poems and narrations, swimming and playing piano and guitar! Gaby would like to teach Latin Salsa to anyone interested and would like to learn origami and yoga this summer.

Welcome to the 2015 National Youth Science Camp, Gaby Constante Brown!

Congratulations Felisha Jones!

Felisha Jones
Felisha Jones, Trinidad and Tobago

Felisha Jones will be one of three representatives of Trinidad and Tabago this summer. Coming to us from Cocri, Felisha is a student of the St. Francois Girls College with plans to study medicine-oncology at St. Georges University. Felisha is active in choir, soccer, football, speech and debate and is involved in mentorship programs. Among her interests, Felisha enjoys biking, hiking and photography. Felisha hopes to learn some dancing while at NYSC this summer.

Welcome to the 2015 National Youth Science Camp, Felisha Jones!

Congratulations Shahrzad Badri!

Shahrzad Badri
Shahrzad Badri, Alabama

Shahrzad Badri is a representative of Alabama for this summer’s NYSC. Joining us from Mobile, Shahrzad attends Baker High School and plans to study biochemistry at the University of South Alabama in the fall. Shahrzad is active in the school yearbook and a member of the Multicultural Student Union with interests in photography and reading. Shahrzad would like to learn yoga and how to play the drums and/or the guitar while at NYSC this summer.

Welcome to the 2015 National Youth Science Camp, Shahrzad Badri!

Congratulations Emma Cook!

Emma Cook
Emma Cook, Missouri

Emma Cook will be representing Missouri this summer coming to us from Marble Hill. A student of Meadow Heights High School, Emma will be attending Murray State University majoring in Biological Sciences to pursue a career as a Pediatric doctor. Emma is involved in student government, basketball, volleyball, and student council. Emma is also a member of and serves as president of both the Beta Club and Future Career and Community Leaders of America and is the Publications Editor at her school. This summer, Emma would like to learn juggling!

Welcome to the 2015 National Youth Science Camp, Emma Cook!

Congratulations Lilly Chiou!

Lilly Chiou
Lilly Chiou, New Mexico

Lilly Chiou of Carlsbad will be representing New Mexico this summer. Coming to us from Carlsbad High School, Lilly plans to attend Duke University to study Psychology. Lilly is an active member of the Key Club and tennis at her school with additional interests in biking, camping, hiking, photography and knitting (which I believe some delegates wanted to learn). Lilly also enjoys cards, reading and running and hopes to learn yoga at the NYSC.

Welcome to the 2015 National Youth Science Camp, Lilly Chiou!

Congratulations Julien Bourgeois!

Julien Bourgeois
Julien Bourgeois, Louisiana

Julien Bourgeois will also be representing Louisiana this summer and joins us from Baton Rouge where he is a student of Catholic High School. Julien will be attending Tulane University of New Orleans to major in Molecular Biology in pursuit of a career as a Cardiologist. Active in Key Club, soccer, golf, Art Club, Service Corps and weight training, Julien also has love for gardening, photography, philosophy and Cajun cooking!

Welcome to the 2015 National Youth Science Camp, Julien Bourgeois!

Congratulations Abhishek Shah!

Abhishek Shah
Abhishek Shah, Louisiana

Abhishek “Abhi” Shah will be a representative of Louisiana this summer, coming to us from Bossier City where he attends Airline High School. Abhi will be majoring in Cyber Engineering at Louisiana Tech University with plans to become a CEO of a cybersecurity company! Abhi is involved in band, student government and enjoys cards, music and tapping, beating or drumming any surface! Abhi plays all percussion instruments but the snare is his specialty. Dancing and origami are two skills that Abhi hopes to learn this summer.

Welcome to the 2015 National Youth Science Camp, Abhishek Shah!

Congratulations Sophia Lee!

Sophia Lee
Sophia Lee, California

Sophia Lee of Riverside, California will be representing her state at this summer’s NYSC. A student of La Sierra High School, Sophia plans to attend Harvard University to pursue a career in Environmental Engineering. An active student, Sophia is involved in drama, student government, golf and the school newspaper. Sophia is a member of the Environmental Club, Riverside Youth Council and the California Scholarship Federation. Sophia will fit right in this summer with her love of hiking, camping and exploration. Sophia hopes to learn dancing, juggling and the Rubik’s cube while with us this summer.

Welcome to the 2015 National Youth Science Camp, Sophia Lee!