Lectures on Ebola, Statistics, and Technology!

Today the delegates enjoyed lectures by Dr. Jim Tucker, a Senior Biospheric Scientist for NASA, Dr Aaron Morris of Autodesk, and Dr. Alyson Wilson of North Carolina State. Dr. Tucker’s lecture, entitled “Ebola Virus Outbreak: Where, When, and Why?” informed delegates of the intricate complexities of the Ebola virus. Dr. Aaron  Morris dove into the practical uses of his state of the art 3-d modeling technology. Dr. Alyson Wilson’s lecture, “Statistics and Big Science”covered her experience with air defense artillery systems.


The staph members hosted seminars today, covering a range of topics, including: Italian, Ultimate Frisbee, Dance Dance Revolution, and Business 101. Many delegates have also joined the National Youth Science Camp Choir, which had its first rehearsal today.

Ian Lawson from New Jersey playing frisbee.